December 2003,

HTS3B subIisalmi Finland: Genelec have been busy over the winter and have launched two new home theatre products, the HTS3B and HTS4B subwoofers.
The announcement was made by Karen Richardson, National Sales Manager for Home Theater products, Genelec Inc.. She comments "With the HTS3B and 4B, Genelec once again raises the performance bar for all subwoofers. The new compact cube has powerful bass down to 18 Hz and provides true movie theatre excitement."

September 2003,
CEDIA 2003 awardThis year's CEDIA was even bigger and better and due to the huge demand for our rolling demos, Genelec had to issue priority passes for visitors who had a limited time at the show
August 2003,

6040A SMThe 6040A is now available in a Silver Metallic finish. The 6040ASM now better compliments the color of other audio system components such as televisions, plasma screens and surround sound processors. The Silver Metallic look is the standard color from August 2003. 6040A is an active loudspeaker with two 120W amplifiers mounted in the foot, one for each driver. Total height of the speaker is 1 meter. All other technical specifications and sound quality are unchanged.

January 2003,

HTS6 NewsGenelec HTS6 is a powerful active subwoofer designed specially for high quality digital 5.1 channel Home Theater systems. Its 19 to 120 Hz (±3 dB) frequency range and 124 dB sound pressure output capability are sufficient to handle the most demanding high SPL applications.

January 2003,

Fennia Prize 2003On January 9th as the results of the international Fennia Prize 2003 design competition were announced, we at Genelec were very happy to learn that the new Genelec 6040A was awarded an Honorary Mention. Design Forum Finland and the Fennia Group are the organizing bodies of the Fennia Prize - promoting design competition. The prize sum of 25 000 Euros is donated by the Fennia Group. Design Forum Finland promotes awareness of Finnish design both in Finland and abroad. Design Forum is responsible for the realization of the competition and the related exhibition. The exhibition of winners is currently open in the city of Helsinki until February 16th. The following venue for the exhibition will be Stockholm.

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